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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


Valentine’s Day for omnivores and herbivores!

Oscar Wilde said “to love oneself is the beginning of a story that will last a life time”. So we have dedicated this special holiday to the discovery and learning of our self love. Everyone knows that love passes through the stomach… So treat yourself to a gastronomique takeaway this weekend ❤️ For a bit of me time, as a couple, or between friends, any excuse is valid to share your love of good food.
Or you could try our vegetarian version of our lover’s banquet.If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for you too! There are still plenty of great vegetables to enjoy before the spring arrives.
Inside your package you will find everything you need to prepare a delicious meal at home 🥂 Until we can open the restaurant again, you’ll find it’s a doodle using our instructions to recreate our dishes in the ocmfort of your own home. But from you we do expect beautiful plating and candles!!
Order now  07 81 10 80 83 for the 13 & 14 of February. Whiles stocks last … ⚜