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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


The annual Truffle season is here!

Such a rare black pearl can be found under the secret oak trees in these lands. and she has poked her nose in at l’Aigle d’Or.
It fact she has completely throw herself into the saucepan! For the next month we offer you this special menu  at the restaurant with 100% dedication to the black truffle, from starters to dessert.
The truffle matches marvellously, and naturally, with her fellow seasonal ingredients. Discover Simon’s interpretation of these truffled delicacies. He learnt much that needs to be known on the subject in the Perigord Noir, home of the black trufffle, by the sides of Michelin starred chef Vincent Arnould at the Vieux Logis in Tremolat. For us at the restaurant it brings back many fond memories of this time of our lives.
Round the fireplace at L’Aigle d’Or, we offer this menu for a short time only every year. The nights are cold but the dishes are hot……🐾🌳🪨
A bientôt