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Eighth Avenue 487, New York


We’re getting ready for Easter at the restaurant…

Easter already?! Time flies, but we are really excited to heat up the kitchen and get out our toys!

For us Easter is just the best holiday. The family is around (with no stress attached!), chocolate finds itself magically hidden in the garden and mother nature is waking up ready to give us a whole lot of great produce! So I think you can agree with us…

We have allowed ourselves to have a bit of fun with this menu, you’ll soon see…

If you like, you can bring your own tupperwares to avoid the use of disposable packaging. Every little helps for our planet!

The vegetarian option will be launched soon. The main menu roughly translates as follows:

Easter Pâté (the one which traditionnally has a boiled egg in the middle) but we’re doing it our way!

Asparagus Salad with smoked catfish, mushrooms and black garlic

Lamb “Wellington” with an onion and potato bake and turnips

and finally a chocolatey, dulce de leché/caramel/crunchy dome. With it’s own intruder.

Hope this is tempting for you…

Alternatively, this is our vegetarian option:

A wild garlic rolled omelette, cauliflower rice salad

White asparagus, with mushrooms, smokey polenta and an asparagus cream

Rainbow Wellington: layers of coloured vegetables, potato and onion bake, green wheat galette

Pascal’s Egg : dark chocolate, dulce de leche mousse, runny citrus middle, edible straw